This celebration offered the opportunity for commemoration, celebration and education. With these three objectives in mind, JoAnn Callender undertook this project that epitomized Bahamian culture in the context of national identity. For more than a decade she has had the amazing privilege of performing recitals of Bahamian composed songs nationally and internationally, in the United States and in Europe. These songs bring attention to the beauty of Bahamian music; the stories tell of a Bahamas that is filled with vibrant colors, friendly people, old folk tales, and brag about a climate that embraces visitors and make them feel restful and refreshed. It was her delight to share these songs at home during this most amazing celebration of 40 years of Independence by celebrating the following Bahamian composers:

  • Cleophas Adderley
  • Clement Bethel
  • Eric Cash
  • Meta Davis-Cumberbatch
  • Kayla Edwards & Keysha Edwards-Taylor
  • Timothy Gibson
  • Franz Hepburn
  • K. Quincy Parker
  • Audrey Dean-Wright

Songs from these composers were presented in collaboration with the team that accompanied her for the evening:

  • Lee Callender, Piano
  • Dion Cunningham, Guest Piano
  • Fred Ferguson, Guitar
  • Ralph Munnings, Saxophone
  • The Highgrove Singers
  • Bahamian Percussionists
  • Rake-n-scrape ensemble
  • String ensemble from Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland