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Gateway - The Bahamas Financial Review 

There is no doubt that The Bahamas is beautiful. It is an archipelago of its own kind – home to 700 islands and oceanic wildlife seen nowhere

else in the world; it is a distinctly cosmopolitan centre filled with a myriad of colours and life that is better experienced than described.

The real beauty, however, is what cannot be seen. Now, more than ever before, it is apt to say that “there is more here than meets the eye.” The Bahamas is not only a tropical retreat, but an international platform – for business and pleasure. Located at the crossroads of the Americas, it provides access to most major destinations in the Western Hemisphere, catering to every need of today’s international entrepreneur, business professional or ex-patriate family. Building these assets has been one of the nation’s goals since its independence, and since then it has become a world leader in both finance and leisure.